Getting Started

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What is Wisdom Curated?

Searching for relevant information on the internet is broken. Wisdom Curated is an experiment to gather people obsessed by an idea, and have them tell us the relevant information.

I am starting out by asking subject-matter-experts to curate information about their respective fields.

How is the information delivered?

Each topic will have at least one person who will curate information on a weekly basis. Again, we do not want 10 blue links, the goal is to get to highest quality information quickly.

Each update will have commentary from the expert, maybe an interview with someone in the field and a list of resources. That list will be published here in the library.

How can I suggest topics?

You can either fill the survey(recommended) or email me

Who is behind this?

Hey there! I am Naveen. Suggest a topic here. Get in touch via twitter.

Will it cost me anything?

This library will always be free for all to access.

For each topic, there will be highly informative document, that will be paid for by readers.

I am also thinking of adding a subscription to wisdomcurated.